3D Cyber Clock for iPad

21/04/2011 13:54

3D Cyber Clock for iPad
Version: 1.0
Release date: 20/4/2011

3D Cyber Clock for iPad


3D Cyber Clock combines all the following features in one application:

✓ 3D Clock with all mechanisms to work in perfect sync
✓ Digital Clock (24h/12h format supported)
✓ iPod Music Alarms (Using predefined sounds or pick your favorite music from your iPod Library)
✓ Facebook
✓ Twitter
✓ Internal mini Web Browser
✓ Both orientations (portait/landscape) support
✓ Customization

3D Cyber Clock Features Analysis

✓ 3D Clock
All 3D Cyber Clock mechanisms(gears, clock pointers) work in perfect sync
. Additional 3D Clock features:
+ Watch 3D Clock using one of the 6 cameras
+ Free rotation of the cameras
+ Zoom In/Out
+ "Cameras Auto-Play" or manual selection
+ Camera auto rotation mode
+ Lights auto rotation mode
+ Brightness is adjustable
+ Enable/Disable tic toc clock sound

✓ Digital Clock
The Digital Clock is always visible in Landscape orientation.
You can choose to show it or not in Portrait.

✓ Alarms
+ Add multiple alarms
+ Alarm repeats configuration
+ Wake up with you favorite iPod music
+ More than 20 predefined sounds included
+ Snooze feature support

✓ Facebook
Stay connected on Facebook while using 3D Cyber Clock and:
+ Watch your friends' status updates
+ Tap on their updates and if a link is included the mini Web Browser will open
+ Post your own Status Update

✓ Twitter
Stay connected on Twitter while using 3D Cyber Clock and:
+ Watch tweets from the people you follow
+ Tap on their tweets and if a link is included the mini Web Browser will open
+ Write and post your own Tweet
✓ Internal mini Web Browser
Use the Internal mini Web Browser to surf the web or just view your Facebook friends' status updates or the links that are included in the tweets from the people you follow.

✓ Customization
You can customize 3D Cyber Clock in many ways:
+ Select the cameras which will be enabled in Cameras Auto-Play mode
+ Customize the appearance of the 3D Clock(show/hide gears, cover, ring, etc)
+ Use one of the 5 backgrounds modes
+ Enable or Disable Social(Facebook/Twitter) features
+ Enable or Disable Auto Login mode for Facebook and Twitter
+ Set timers for many application features
+ Enable/Disable auto-lock (Enabling Auto-Lock mode saves your battery power and increases battery life)