cyb. the logo

The logo uses the circle as a basiccyb // the logo
element of its image, achieving thus to declare harmony, flexibility and functionalism. The symbol that is repeated four times inside the interior of the circle is the ‘key’ that, having taken birth from the name cyb, symbolizes the 4 values that every enterprise would want to have… confidence, consequence, creativity and expertise. Those 4 keys unify these values in a single picture - symbol which constitutes the flag of cyb under which the enterprise marches, on a daily basis. The absolute geometry of the square, describes the digital season in which we live in and designates the team work, based on which, each objective of the enterprise has been founded. The choice of the particular colour of the symbol was made in order to point out the diversity of the enterprise as well as its amphibious course between virtual reality and realism (hot and cold colours).

cyb. the name

The writing style of the name aims to include allcyb // the name
those values and features of this innovator enterprise. It incorporates a modern style and it is harmoniously drawn so that it designates the quality of services. Its texture is intentionally small so that the `code’ and armature of the enterprise are revealed. Another reason for the choice of small (small letters) texture is the way that the human resources of cyb think, humble hence collaborative and trustworthy while also flexible and fast. The weight of letters is bold in order to declare prestige, gravity and power. The colour is carefully selected so that it discreetly declares that the dreams, the objectives and the limits of cyb are not confined in the black and white spectrum, but surpass it. In addition, It does not contain intense chromatic combinations taking into consideration the serious and respectable picture that should appear in the writing style of a pioneering enterprise name.