On December 2002 in Rethymno, a personal enterprise was founded by Pantalos G. Eleftherios with the discreet name Cyb Informatics Systems, aiming at the provision to enterprises of Crete of specialised and reliable solutions of information technology and Internet.

Within a period of 2 years the quality of services of Cyb Informatics Systems became known also over the borders of the island, resulting with the realisation of collaborations in entire Greece.

Studying the needs of Greek market henceforth, on 2005 began the planning and the development of platform Ennius CMS™, Content Management System.
Ennius CMS™ was entrusted by large enterprises, investing in the reliability of the company services and in the quality of solutions that this new platform offered to them.

At the beginnings of 2007, the increased requirements led to the creation of the Limited Partnership Company with the discreet trade name cyb, extending at the same time the spectrum of its services in new technologies of development and pioneering solutions of Internet.