Ennius CMS™

What is Ennius CMS™

Ennius CMS™ is a pioneering Content Management System of multi-language websites that has been released by cyb in 2005. Based on the way of thinking even of the simplest user, Ennius CMS™ provides a flexible system for the design of structure and writing of content, using the best that the development of the internet networking field offers at the moment, separating the content of the website from its visual representation (themes).

Ennius CMS™ is a complete management solution that embraces all processes which an enterprise goes by, for the efficient operation of a website. With its use, the enterprise can design and implement a dynamic and extensible website, having complete control in its content as well as in its appearance.

The main features of Ennius CMS™ are its extensibility and its additional functions that its modules (sub-applications) which can be installed, add to it. Cyb has proceeded in the development of special modules that provide Ennius CMS™ with the potential of satisfying any internet need of your website.

Some of them are:
SimpleDB module – Database and object management
Newsletters module - Complete news feed distribution system
News module – Module for posting news the website
Contact module - Contact and management system for clientele
Credit card module - Secure collection and processing of credit card data
Online ordering/reservations - Interconnection with banking systems for online transactions

and dozens more of customized modules depending on specific operations of websites.

In short, the characteristics of Ennius CMS™ are the following:

Management of Structure & Languages
Flexible structure Management of website through a unique system of representation and control as well as easy management of the languages that the website will support.

Editing of Content
Environment of writing and designing the body of the web pages with utilization of all known functions supported by most Text Processors, as well as support of direct text import from MS Word.

Management of User and Group Rights
Complete system of security and management of user and user group rights.

Use, Management and customization of themes (templates)

The use of theme designing provides the user of Ennius CMS™ the capability of selecting and customizing, through a specific design environment for theme customization, the visual set up of the website according to its requirements and independently of its content.

Statistics & Monitoring of Users Actions
System of recording actions to which each user of Ennius CMS™ proceeds as well as important elements that concern the visiting rate of the website.

Environment compatible with established Web Browsers
One of the most important characteristics, that rank Ennius CMS™ among the most popular and effective Content Management systems, is its compatibility with all known Browsers (for example IE v.6.00, Mozilla Firefox etc).