RIAs Development

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) stand for a new type of flexible and intelligent internet applications with key factors being their independence from the operating system of the end-user and their potential of providing all functions of the classic desktop-applications in combination with the functions and characteristics of internet applications.

In short, the advantages of RIAs applications are the following:
  • Independence from the operating system of the end-user (cross-platform)
  • Flexibility
  • Interactivity
  • Intelligent functions
  • Ability of instantaneous use without process of installation (setup)
  • Easy updating to new versions
  • Security (they are running locally in a secure environment that is called sandbox)
  • The processing volume is transmited from the transporter (server) to the computer of the end-user
Cyb, combining its expertise in the development of specialised client-server and internet applications, can provide you with services of analysis, design and development of Rich Internet Applications that will give flexibility to important operations of your enterprise.