Customized Applications

With the increase in corporative demands, the need of specialised desktop and internet application development is made evident. They will have to be adapted to standards of each enterprise, with functions that will substantially contribute to the speed and the way of carrying out important operations.

Development of specialised cross-platform applications (independent from operating system) and RIAs in platforms and with development technologies that guarantee their constant and reliable operation.

Below we provide an indicative list with some of the software development tools we use:

Rich Internet Applications
See also: Rich Internet Applications

C/C++ for Widows: 

Development examples:

- low-level modules for control processes in operating system
- modules for processing data from non-standard devices through the serial/parallel ports
- system services
Java for Windows/*nix: 

Development samples:
- development of complete Java application;

- development of application using J2EE technologies
(EJB 2.0/JMS on the Jboss application server).

C/Java applications mixing, using Java/JNI.
Visual FoxPro, MS Access, MySql, Sybase ASA/ASE