Web Design/Development

The web-design and network application development services provided by cyb can supply any internet requirement of your enterprise.

State of the art visual design and application development in conjunction with the latest internet trends.

Web design
Each website has its own identity, its own visual requirements and it is addressed to different visitors/users of the web. Aesthetics is one of its main features and it should render it unique.

Web development/expertise
Development of complete applications/web sites:
- HTML5, CSS3, XHTML, CSS , PHP 4&5,  CGI/Perl, Javascript
- jQuery, Ext JS, Flex 3

- Java, Java Applets/Servlets/Apps

O/S: FreeBSD, CentOS, Solaris, RedHat Linux, RedHat ES   
Application Servers: JBoss, BlazeDS

Web Servers: Apache 1.x/2.x , Apache Tomcat  
DBs: MySQL 4 & 5, MS SQL Server, Oracle