1. Estimation of present situation
2. Objectives
3. Strategy

3 fundamental points that cyb will analyze and discuss together with you before the beginning of the internet advertising campaign of your enterprise or your product.

Pay Per Click Campaigns
The most direct way for advertising a website. Cyb undertakes the design and management of Pay Per Click campaigns Google Adwords, Facebook & Yahoo/Bing Search Engine Marketing.
Some of the advantages of PPC Campaigns are the following:
Direct commencement or interruption of campaign
Recording and statistics of clicks/visitors
Definition of target group of users (Country, Language etc)
Definition of frequency of advertising ads appearance
Charging only when a click on advertising ad occurs.

The correct management of PPC Campaigns will bring positive results directly and at a low cost.

Banner Campaigns/Rich Media Ads

Banner Campaigns
The design of an attractive advertising banner will increase the visiting on your website by users that have received it. The Banner should drag the attention of users through a correct way of presentation and transmission of the message. Banner campaigns, although they are a very common way of publicity on the web, they constitute an inexpensive and direct way of advertising your website.

Rich Media Ads
The ‘bombardment’ of internet by simple banners turned many of its users away of such types of advertisement. Rich Media Ads came in order to draw the attention of users again, conveying the message with a richer and more vibrant way: Interaction Sound Animated image/ Video Games Cyb provides you with the correct solutions for your enterprise’s design of a new Banner or Rich Media campaign.