What is cybSurveys

cybSurveys is a novel Surveys System which replaces your paper-based business questionnaires!
It moves them to the screen of a tablet, smartphone or PC, regarding your clients, and the results to your own screen in the form of a list or a chart.

Ideal solution for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Any business who is taking into account in its clients opinion



  • Indefinite number of questionnaires
  • Answer type management
  • Multi-lingual versions
  • Dynamic presentation of choices through conditional logic
  • Control/View environment for connected devices
  • Questionnaire creation and editing environment
  • User/License/Device management, client key creation
  • MacOS, Linux, Windows compatibility


  • Compatibility with any Android tablet or smartphone device as well as MacOS X, Linux, Windows
  • Choice of questionnaire and language
  • WiFi/LAN/3G connection supported

Reports Engine

  • Custom reports creation
  • Dynamic presentation of Bar/Pie Charts and Lists, based on latest data
  • Export to compatible formats for Excel, Open Office, etc
  • Export to PDF, HTML, etc