iPhone/iPad Native Apps

In recent years, iPhone & iPad mobile devices seem to win over an increasing amount of users and fans.

According to Gartner (April 2011) the iOS operating system, adopted by iPhone & iPad, accounted for a 14.4% of the global market in 2009 and an increase to 17.2% is anticipated until 2015.

The iPhone & iPad devices provide unique capabilities to their users through the utilization of the revolutionary hardware they incorporate, and their native applications which can exploit these capabilities to the fullest and the best response.

The 11 stages CYB will take during development of your application:
  • market research
  • Specifications and Requirements analysis
  • Design of Infrastructure & User Experience
  • Visual GUI (Graphical User Interface) design
  • Native application development
  • Performance and Behavior Analysis
  • Beta testing
  • GUI screenshots for the registration of the application in AppStore
  • Submitting the application in iTunes for the required checking from Apple.
  • Marketing

Apple has laid down a strict set of rules and specifications for applications to be able to register and run on their devices. Since 2009, CYB has achieved an 100% in satisfying these standards in every application that has been developed.

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